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Welcome to the website of the Saskatoon Chapter of the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan (also known as STS). The contents of the website are of particular interest to Saskatoon Chapter members, but we welcome STS members from elsewhere, or others who are interested, to check it out.

Saskatoon Chapter Executive, until the next election.

What’s New ?? 



The STS Provincial Executive has authorized the implementation of

a $250 Health Spending Account

per Extended Health and Dental Plan Member (Primary Plan Holder).

The STS Health Spending Account is available for

Extended Health and Dental Plan members

for the time period between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2023.

For more information, see the Memo to Plan Members here as well as some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


RESOLUTIONS  from AGM – these won’t be in your Outreach:


1. BE IT RESOLVED that pursuant to Bylaw 9.1, the STS Bylaws are amended by adding the following as Bylaw 5.1.4.

Notwithstanding any other Bylaw contained herein, the Executive may, in exigent circumstances, delay, postpone or re-schedule the Annual General Meeting to a date, place and time to be determined by the Executive and the current Executive members shall remain in office until an election is held at the next Annual General meeting. Carried


  1. BE IT RESOLVED that the STS annual fee for 2021-2022 be $30.00 per person. Carried
  2. BE IT RESOLVED that the STS annual rebate to each Chapter for 2021-2022 be $1000.00 plus $8.00 per member. Carried


June 4 2021 ……  from Murray Wall  


The Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan is an active member

of our National Retired Teachers association, ACER-CART. 

The stated priorities of ACER-CART include advocacy for the development and implementation

of National Seniors Strategy as well advocacy for regulations governing

Retirement and Long-Term Care Homes. 

These priorities are consistent with the aims of the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan

as well as with resolutions passed at the 2021 STS Annual General Meeting.


ACER-CART is encouraging all provincial affiliates to participate

in a lobbying effort to utilize a prepared letter

to contact federal and provincial elected officials to specifically address

the needs of an increasing seniors’ population by developing and implementing

a National Seniors’ Strategy that would:

  • Value seniors
  • Prioritize care in seniors’ own homes
  • Implement  Pharmacare 
  • Regulate and monitor long-term care homes

A link to the letter is found at ACER-CART National Seniors’ Strategy – ACER-CART


We would invite you

to forward this to your Chapter members

and encourage them to support this initiative.


Thank you.


Murray Wall

Executive Secretary

Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan

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