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Welcome to the website of the Saskatoon Chapter of the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan (also known as STS). The contents of the website are of particular interest to Saskatoon Chapter members, but we welcome STS members from elsewhere, or others who are interested, to check it out.

Saskatoon Chapter Executive, until the next election.

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Happy 2021 !!


Directory Requests are now closed. 

Directories are in the printing phase. 

They’ll soon be ready for distribution.

If you requested, stay  tuned. 



Online Classes offered for Spring Session

by Saskatoon Seniors Continued Learning 




***   The Winter Voice is now posted


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FYI:  STS Extended Health and Dental Plan:    Jan 16, 2021 update 

Effective immediately, Audiologists and Dietitians have been added to the STS Group Benefits Plan as additional Paramedical / Health Practitioners with an 80% reimbursement level and $500 limit for each category of practitioner.

In addition, effective immediately Social Workers and Counsellors have been added to the paramedical category of Psychologists so that the services of a Registered Psychologist, Social Worker or Counsellor will have an 80% reimbursement level and a combined $500 limit.

To be eligible, the provider must be registered with an association or governing body.  Individuals are welcome to contact Saskatchewan Blue Cross if they wish to confirm the eligibility of a counsellor prior to attending sessions.


These enhancements are in response to Saskatchewan Blue Cross recommendations regarding changing industry standards as well as in response to needs expressed by the STS membership.

The STS Provincial Executive continues to explore various ways in which the STS Group Benefits Plan can best meet the needs of the membership while ensuring the Plan is sustainable, affordable and predictable.



stay tuned for updates ASAP.


If you’d like an STS Diary for 2020-2021, 

 President Eileen Deneiko ‭(306) 477-0989‬ still has copies available.