2021-22 Annual Report

Saskatoon Chapter

2021-2022  Annual Report

Saskatoon Chapter Report for AGM 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to present many struggles for everyone worldwide in both developed and undeveloped countries, and indeed, it has presented challenges for many of our over 2725 Chapter members throughout the 2021-2022 year.  As we settled into a regular ‘COVID routine’ for our Saskatoon Chapter, we have maintained a strong focus on communicating with our membership with print and email newsletters, as well as phone calls, to keep our members ‘in the loop’ and perhaps feeling a little less isolated.

We will maintain our Executive ‘as is’ at this time, until such time as we can hold an election at a Chapter meeting – – hopefully in May.  We have been fortunate that the health of all 32 members on our Executive has allowed us to maintain this holding pattern.  Many of our sub-committees have been very active throughout the pandemic, including our Card, our Membership/Directory, our Website, THE Voice, Visiting, STS Liaison, Treasurer, Newsletter email, and Telephoning Committees.  In addition, as President, I have continued to welcome all new members with a detailed welcome letter.  Our Phoning Committee has called each new member to welcome him/her, as well.  We met, as an Executive, in-person in September and since then we have met monthly via Zoom, except in March.  We bought a year’s subscription to Zoom Pro at a 40% sale price offered this past January.

In terms of activities, our retired teachers can sign up to bowl on Tuesday afternoons at Eastview Bowl from September to April.  Our numbers increased this year, in comparison to last year.  Gentle Yoga classes for a very small group of up to 4 people were offered in-person since October.  Also, our Sew Much Fun activity group planned for monthly sewing sessions that were virtual personal sewing days via Zoom. 

The activity group which has truly stayed the most active during the pandemic has been our Monday morning Walking Group.  This drop-in group meet each Monday morning at 9:00 a.m., weather permitting, and walk various routes within our fair city – – while physically distancing.  Many kilometers have been logged.  The number of regular participants typically ranges from 8 to 12 throughout the Winter, with more ‘fair weather walkers’ joining in during late Spring and Summer.

We offered a Fall Texas Scramble Golf time in the Fall and plans are in the works to offer such a session in June, as well, at Greenbrye Golf Club.

This year our Chapter provided a $1000 scholarship for the U of S College of Education’s Awards Celebration and a $500 donation to the McDowell Foundation.  We passed a motion in December to increase the amount of our U of Scholarship to $2500 for the coming year.

We continue to ensure that our members know about the activities and sports sponsored by the Saskatchewan Seniors Fitness Association and events sponsored by the Saskatoon Council on Aging.  We have just recently taken out a year’s membership (Not for Profit Group membership) to SCOA.

We are delighted with the results of now sending out our monthly email newsletters via a GoDaddy account.  Past year’s newsletters were created and sent out using SimplyCast, with poor results in terms of our success in having our membership actually receive these email newsletters due to increased email security filters.  With GoDaddy we have been so much more successful at being able to communicate with our membership.

Presently, we have no face-to-face meetings, banquets, or socials planned our members until Fall of 2022 at the earliest.  We have many fun and informative activities to carry out that were planned prior to the pandemic!

On behalf of our Chapter, thank you to our Provincial Executive for working through many issues via Zoom meetings during the past months.  Here’s to a wonderful virtual Provincial AGM in May of 2022.

Wishing everyone a special and memorable summer!

Submitted by Eileen Deneiko, President